Frequently Asked Questions


1.  I want to book a session what happens now?

Please get in touch with me either via my contact form or by calling to discuss my services and what kind of session you would like.   Once you have chosen a date I will forward you a link for payment of your session fee.  You are then welcome to visit my studio in Mount Waverley to preview all the beautiful finished artwork I offer and chat about the details of your session.  If you are unable to come to the studio, then I'll call you at a time that is convenient to you, to plan your session, discuss the kind of artwork you would like created, go over wardrobe, location and answer any other questions you may have.  It's best to book 2-3 weeks in advance from the desired date of your session.

2.  Where should I have my photos taken?

I offer in-home sessions, studio and outdoor for all my portrait sessions.  In-home sessions can happen any time of day and work around you and your child's nap time and are a great way to create meaningful artwork of your family in your own environment.  Studio sessions can also be done any time of day and offer greater options when it comes to look and feel including the opportunity to capture multiple looks for Pregnancy and Modern Beauty Sessions using different lighting set ups and wardrobe changes.  Outdoor sessions are strictly done at sunset because lighting conditions are best at this time and can be either at the beach, an open field, or your family's property, wherever is most meaningful to you!  If you don't have a specific outdoor location in mind then I can help.

3.  What should I wear?

For Family Sessions I like to dress everyone in similar tones and for Modern Beauty it will depend on the look and feel we are creating.  Don't worry, I go over all this in detail at your planning consult as well as send you a mood board as a reference to help you decide.  And if you're still stuck, I will come over to your house and work through your wardrobe with you to choose the best outfits to photograph you in.

4.  Will we have to pose?

My sessions are designed to be fun and relaxed to enable me to capture your natural and authentic expression.  I often find that when my clients are relaxed and enjoying themselves they fall into a pose naturally, allowing me to then capture the moments as they unfold.  However, no matter how many people I'm photographing, even if it's just you, I'll always provide gentle guidance throughout the session to ensure we get a great variety of photographs.  My sessions are like a great conversation between long time friends where you can relax, be yourself and just enjoy the present moment and not think about anything else.

5.  What happens if my baby/toddler/children don't co-operate?

First of all, don't worry!  Your job is not to try and coerce your children to behave but to enjoy this experience with your family.  I've got you!  As a Mum myself, I have plenty of experience with young children and plan my sessions to suit their natural rhythms.  How?  By allowing children to become accustomed to me and the environment, allowing them to explore and play freely at the start of the session.  There is no rush.  They then settle into the session pretty quickly and .voila! before you know it, I've captured exactly what I need to create a beautiful collection of meaningful photographs of you and your family.

6.  What happens after the session?

After your session we book a day and time for your Viewing and Order Appointment.  This is where magic happens and you get to view your beautiful collection of photographs and with my help, design how you would like to enjoy your photographs.  I offer a range of top quality folio boxes, albums and wall art.  Together, we will create something unique and meaningful to you that can be enjoyed for years and years to come.  If you can't make it to my studio for this, I can come to your home at a time that suits us both.

7.  How much will my portrait session cost?

Your session fee covers your planning and style consultation, your session, and your viewing and order appointment.  It doesn't include your images or artwork.  Why?  Because I offer a full custom service giving you the opportunity to create artwork that is meaningful to you.  Everyone is different and I value that, greatly.  The artwork I help you design, is a reflection of your style, taste and custom made to suit your home.   Some people love to have their artwork displayed on their walls either as a big statement piece above their couch or as a grouping of images.  Others, prefer the experience of holding their artwork in their hands and so opt for a beautiful heirloom album.  The images and style of finished artwork you choose is completely up to you.  And so is what you spend.  With artwork starting from $250 there is something to suit all budgets.

8.  Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  I offer take-home-now interest-free payment plans through PayRight.  Choose from 3 or 6 month options, there is no reason why you can't purchase exactly what you want!