Brimbank Park Family Portraits - Mount Waverley Photographer

Hello and welcome to my first blog post about one of my most recent sessions!  Meet Lex, Tim and their gorgeous fur-baby Frankie. 

Lex, contacted me a couple of months ago after I had put the word out that I'd started doing family portraits.  She tentatively asked me if I would photograph her family even though she and her partner Tim, had a fur child and not a human child.  My response was of course...YES!  

Pets are family as far as I'm concerned.  They teach us so much about unconditional love and can turn any bad day into a good one with their unwavering loyalty that they absolutely deserve to be in family photos.

We organised a day and time for a consultation or meet and greet.  I always like to meet my clients in person beforehand.  This gives us both the opportunity to have a chat and get to know each other.  It also helps me understand the purpose behind the shoot, the style and feel we are going for and also how they would like their photographs presented whether it be a collection of matted prints in a folio box, wall art or album.  In this case Lex and Tim were interested in loose matted prints that could be kept and framed later.

For style and feel Lex and Tim wanted natural, candid photographs that captured the essence of their family.  I found out during our chat that they love taking Frankie for walks nearby at Brimbank Park.  My mind immediately started firing with ideas around this so I suggested we do their shoot there.  We then chatted about wardrobe and then set a date! 

Given I live in Mount Waverley,  I wasn't familiar with Brimbank Park at all.  So, shortly after our consultation I drove there to have a look around and find the perfect area for our session.  WOW.  I had no idea it was so HUGE!  After roaming around I eventually did find a spot where the light and background would be just right for the style and feel we were after and where it wouldn't be too crowded with other people.

We had so much fun during our session that the time just flew by!   I did have a bit of a plan going into it based on what had been discussed and what I was going for.   Essentially, I just walked the family through a series of what I call 'scenes' and captured moments as they unfolded naturally whilst still creating photographs that have an artistic/painterly feel to them.  

And here they are!   These are the photographs that Lex, Tim and Frankie loved and have chosen to be printed.



Would you like a family portrait session of your own?  I would love to hear from you!  

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