Modern Studio Portraits - Mount Waverley Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from Tracy's Dad enquiring about creating a portfolio for his daughter, Tracy.  He told me she is an aspiring actress with her eyes set on becoming a film star overseas and that she is in need of photographs for her portfolio.  Wow!  I was excited to hear this year twelve girl had such a big dream.  

I'm big believer in dreaming big.  Life is a gift and it's important to make the most of it!!!

After meeting to consult about the finer details of our session such as wardrobe and hair and makeup we booked the session.  I then consulted with one of my makeup artists, Andrea Takagi, about the looks I wanted to create for Tracy and created a session plan.

For Tracy, I really wanted to create a range of looks that showcased her beauty and personality.  We started with a natural daytime look and then gradually progressed to an evening/ red carpet style.  I have a small (but growing!) studio wardrobe that my clients are welcome to use for their shoot should they not have anything appropriate.  I tend to encourage my clients to use my studio wardrobe because often wardrobe can really help bring out something in a person that they are not aware of or can't see in themselves.  As a visual person I'm often filled with ideas of how best to photograph someone and wardrobe choice plays into that a lot.  This is why a pre-session consultation is always necessary to achieve the best results.

Our session went so well!  Tracy's parents came along and we had a lot of fun together.  Tracy has such a gorgeous energy and after a few minutes I could see was really enjoying the process.  It's very natural for clients to feel a little nervous in the beginning but a big part of my job is putting them at ease and guiding them through each pose so they have nothing to think about and can just have fun.

Their final product ordered was a folio box of matted photographs along with the corresponding digital negatives.  I'll add a photo when they arrive!

If you would like to create a collection of beautiful modern photographs for your home or as a keepsake, then please get in touch with me here.  I'd love to hear from you!