Ruffey Lake Park Family Portraits - Mount Waverley Photographer

Ahh Autumn!  My favourite season.  The light and colours are just magical and perfect for golden hour family sessions.  Meet Kevin, Esther and their gorgeous son, Titus.  I met this beautiful family when they contacted me about a family session.  During our consult Esther said she liked the idea of doing a session at their local park where they often go to spend time as a family.  

I am always very enthusiastic about incorporating as many meaningful elements into my shoot as I can.  Even though I wasn't familiar with Ruffey Lake Park, I was more than happy to photograph our session there.  I did a little recon trip after our consult and absolutely fell in love with the place!  There was no shortage of picturesque locations within the Park for our session.  The hard part was picking a handful of spots within walking distance of each other.  I like to keep my sessions at around the 1 hour mark especially with toddlers as they tend to get tired towards the end and need a change of scene.  I have two little bosses- I mean young children myself so I totally get it!  It's also why preparation is key.  I always have a shot list in my head prepared from the get go to ensure we capture some amazing photographs of everyone in case "little bosses" decide they no longer want to play or need a break.  Having said that, I love capturing the full range of children's emotions and I won't shy away from photographing tears as these are just as beautiful in my eyes as a child's smile.  A child's tears often prompts Mum or Dad to get close to give comfort and that is another beautiful moment to capture.

My session with Esther, Kevin and Titus was a lot of fun.  The weather was perfect too!  A week later they came by to my studio for their design and order appointment and it was so satisfying for me to hear their "oohs" and "ahhs" during their slide show.  There is no better feeling than creating something for someone that means so much to them and that will play an important role in documenting their family's story for years to come.

If you'd like to chat to me about photographing your family then please get in touch here or give me a call on 0417 909 161.  I'd love to hear from you!