Personal Branding Photography - Mount Waverley Photographer

What is Personal Branding Photography?  

They are custom designed photos that convey your business style and values and help you reach your people through your website and online social channels.

You only get to make a first impression once, right?  So, it's important to not only make it a good one but to make it count.

Part of that is having confidence in your image and knowing there is 100% congruency with who you are in life and in business.  Personal Branding photography is all about helping you do exactly this.

These are the photos from my shoot with the inimitable Sharon Pakir.  Entrepreneur extraordinaire, business coach, speaker, dancer, mother and wife of 2.  Sharon is about to launch her new website and came to me for photography.

After speaking with Sharon to gain an understanding of her business and goals, I worked with a wardrobe stylist and hair and makeup artist to create a series of looks that captured Sharon's energy, strength, authenticity and leadership skills.  In other words, Sharon's personal brand.

Every detail was taken care of.   Justina, from Beyond Styling, visited Sharon at home to help put together each outfit from Sharon's own wardrobe for the shoot.  I scouted suitable locations that conveyed the look and feel we were after and Lyna from Makeup by Lyna was briefed along the way so she could match Sharon's hair and makeup to suit.  

The shoot itself was a lot of fun.  I'm a huge believer in preparation so that come the day of the shoot, we can all relax and have fun, enjoy the experience and get what we need without stress. 

And here are the results!  As the photographer, I am super happy with what we created and more importantly that Sharon loved her collection of photographs.

If you're someone who feels like your photos aren't really saying what you want them to about your personal brand and you're not sure what to do, then please get in touch here.

My team and I will help you create a collection of photographs that speak your brand and that you will love.